We believe that it is important to set the record straight from the start and want to share our values with you. Indeed, we believe that:

We only have one profession: consulting

  • We are only in the business of advising and assisting our clients
  • We work alongside with our clients and their teams
  • We do not implement software, we do not sell information, etc.

In our trade, small can be beautiful

  • Indeed, all of our engagements are important to us
  • No small, first engagement has to lead to a larger one. 

"Tailor made" is what applies to the solutions to your management issues

  • Indeed, while there are commonalities (industry, management issues, etc.)...
  • ...each client is unique (different history, different executive personalities, etc.)

Confidentiality protects our exchange of information

Clear boundaries separate "Facts" from "Opinions"

  • They may both belong to a consulting engagement, but...
  • ... while facts hold...
  • ... opinions may be proved right or wrong.

"Conflicts of interest" require clarity, from the start 

  • Potential conflicts of interest are sometimes unavoidable (e.g. two clients in the same industry asking us the same question)...
  • ... but we pride ourselves in stating them clearly as they may surface.

A clear hierarchy drives the priorities of our consultants

  • Our clients come first.
  • Our profession, - consulting -, comes second.
  • Our firm is third.
  • Ourselves come fourth.